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Hello and welcome to richardspage.

Richardspage is a project to help me ‘Richard’ learn and build on my knowledge of web technologies by practice and experimentation. I have built a number of websites and greatly enjoy the challenge that comes with this. My aim is to build at least four projects a year, so I am always welcome to suggestions.

"Patience is a virtue" or so I was always told, some parts of this website are still under construction so please be patient. Why not register and offer constructive feedback or help others with their questions that you may know the answers too.


Most recent projects

Screenshot of projects

A simple page about binary and boolean logic to help all my friends who keep asking me “What is binary?”.

I recently made a page to help my friends living in Thailand with area calculations, check it out here.

Other pages may still be under construction or I am searching for content to add, sorry if this inconveniences you. But feel free to have a look around anyway.

Whats next?

My next project I am looking to develop is currently under consideration, if you have an idea why not contact me. In the meantime, I want to add comments to my project pages and finish the members page. Still plenty to do 😃.

If you are just passing I wish you a happy and safe journey, if you want to contact me for some unknown strange reason, maybe a friend! I have a contact page here.