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  • Mid June 2020 - Went live basic HTML static site
  • Mid July 2020 - Added login system, thank you nd_mysqli !
  • End July 2020 - Completed binary project and updated some content.

About me

My earliest memories are of my love for technology, my first PC experience was on a BBC Micro and my first purchased PC was the C64 commodore. A lot has changed since then, and a lot has to be credited to Sir Tim Berners-Lee the godfather of the internet.

It was fun writing code on the C64 better than most games out there at the time. As technology evolved and the internet came to millions now billions. Keeping up with tech became an ever more uphill struggle, coding knowledge gained then is now mostly obsolete. In 2002 I qualified as a web designer. Even those technologies learnt then have evolved and are rarely in use today or have changed beyond recognition.

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This was the main reason I decided to go back to school and am now over halfway through a degree in computer science, communications and software (June 2020).

Getting away from tech, I read and write German fluently , have basic spoken Chinese, a love for trees in particular and all things that are green and grow. I have worked in arboriculture, horticulture and taught English and German to Chinese students.

About you

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If you are visiting here wanting help with a website the pie chart shows my strengths and areas of development. I understand developing webpages or apps can be very confusing that’s why I am here to help. You may want to check out FAQ’s or just fill out the contact form I will do my best to answer asap.

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